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PJ Braley
2 min readNov 18, 2020

It is always quite nice when something wonderful unexpectedly happens. I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to sit quietly stunned and let the unpredictable wash over me before I react. Good or bad, I have to process it first.

And that is exactly how I felt on Tuesday when I found this post as bright as a sunny day on the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop blog at the University of Dayton’s website. Even though I am not purposely a humor writer, I have attended my third Workshop (it is a bi-annual event) two weeks ago (seriously, you have to love it). I mentioned my newly released book to the event coordinator, Teri Rizvi, and isn’t this just beautiful? It was like magic.


Who’s Publishing What: The Fire Slayers

Deciding in the spring of 2008 that she had put off becoming a writer long enough, PJ Braley bought a new laptop and began her transition from copy editor to author.

Her debut novel, The Fire Slayers, blends science fiction with love, friendship and a bit of horror as it tracks the evolution of an underground brotherhood whose only mandate is to survive at all costs.

PJ is a recent graduate of the University of Dayton’s English M.A. program and when she isn’t writing about aliens saving the planet, you can find her sitting on the back deck with her husband, Jim, and their rescue corgi, Nymeria. She will be the one with a book in one hand and a glass of sangria in the other.

More of her work can be found at or follow her at @pjbraley.

What Teri’s post means to me is that you never know when good things are going to happen and — when they do — you should accept them for the happiness they bring and then share it with others.

I hope you enjoyed sharing a bit of my happiness today.



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