How to Eat The Last Dove Dark Chocolate Heart

PJ Braley
3 min readFeb 14, 2018

You know you want it. For two days it has lingered in the candy dish alone. You stare in wonder as an errant beam of sunlight reflects off the metallic wrapper and, refracting through the crystal, casts a kaleidoscope of color on your wall. The magic of the moment captivates your thoughts.

Its existence is unforgettable. Your eyes wander in its direction whenever you enter the room. If it possessed arms, they would beckon to you; if it had a voice, it would whisper your name.

Surrounded by prismatic glass, the last Dove© Dark Chocolate heart beats only for you.

Such patient devotion should be rewarded. Valentine’s Day is another year away, and this cannot be a hurried event. You must carefully consider every possibility of when, where and, most especially, how you intend to consume the final scrumptious treat.

First, accept that such pleasure should be a memorable feast for all of your senses and not just limited to your mouth. Desiring to give your entire body the attention this event deserves, find a comfortable spot, recline if possible, or snuggle into something extraordinarily cozy. Lean back and let the cushions envelope you with their softness.

Second, you cannot simply devour and disregard this long-awaited indulgence. Bring the bowl with you as you settle into the pillows. With your fingertips, carefully trace the edges of the cut-glass design. Watch the light as it plays upon the etched surface, scattering rainbows into your lap.

All things mysterious and beautiful belong to you now.

Third, tip the morsel into your hand. Gaze upon the tiny red hearts on the gleaming silver paper. Turn it over. Listen to the crinkling of the wrapper as you delicately lift the points of the crisp folds. Do not reveal it all at once — savor these few moments of unveiling. Discover the rich interior one millimeter at a time.

Resembling a partially opened flower, now press the foil petals against your skin. Let word fragments intrigue you. When you cannot stand it another moment, satisfy your curiosity by nudging the sweet slightly so you can read your ‘promise.’ Let the subtle double entendre of the phrase evoke tantalizing images that entice your mind and excite you.

Fully exposed, the warmth from your palm begins melting the hard outer coating. The fragrance caresses your face, arousing your salivary glands. Ah, isn’t it delectable? Lower your head and inhale the scent of perfection.

Fourth, tenderly grasp the dark heart. Thin brown syrup rubs onto your thumb and middle finger as you gracefully raise the tasty confection. Enjoy its essence as it drifts into your nostrils. Admire the dusky color, feel the slippery smooth texture.

You must resist rushing it between your lips. Fight the nibbling urge. Pause, take a deep breath, and experience the exquisite torture of delayed gratification.

Fifth, as in sipping a finely aged wine, place the dainty delicacy inside your mouth. Let it rest there as it dissolves into rivulets of undulating sensation. Slightly tilt your head back. Allow the luxuriant and heady perfume of the fruit of the cocoa plant fill your sinus cavities with all of its natural decadence and delight.

Your taste buds celebrate as the creamy lusciousness caresses your tongue and sinuously slides down your throat. The pleasure centers in your brain ignite.


Your body is no longer your own as the moment you have been waiting for bursts forth in sparkle and flame. The entire universe inside you is illuminated and rings with the vibrato of the perfectly struck chord playing out long and sweet.




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