It is always quite nice when something wonderful unexpectedly happens. I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to sit quietly stunned and let the unpredictable wash over me before I react. Good or bad, I have to process it first.

And that is exactly how I felt on Tuesday when I found this post as bright as a sunny day on the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop blog at the University of Dayton’s website. Even though I am not purposely a humor writer, I have attended my third Workshop (it is a bi-annual event) two weeks ago (seriously…

You know you want it. For two days it has lingered in the candy dish alone. You stare in wonder as an errant beam of sunlight reflects off the metallic wrapper and, refracting through the crystal, casts a kaleidoscope of color on your wall. The magic of the moment captivates your thoughts.

Its existence is unforgettable. Your eyes wander in its direction whenever you enter the room. If it possessed arms, they would beckon to you; if it had a voice, it would whisper your name.

Surrounded by prismatic glass, the last Dove© Dark Chocolate heart beats only for you.

Today is my father’s birthday and it was just a coincidence (or was it?) that I mentioned him in a story I was telling one my students. The story centered on how Dad made me take typing, shorthand, and business law courses in high school “Just in case college doesn’t work out.” Well, college didn’t ‘work out’ — at least not that time — and the conversation with my student centered on pondering what I would have become if I didn’t have those courses and skills ‘to fall back on.’ …

PJ Braley

Writer, world designer. Caught in a labyrinth of imagination and words without limits or escape. Author of The Fire Slayers — @pjbraley —

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